Affordable Davao Condos

Condominiums have become the new dream home.

They are centrally located where your daily needs are just a short walk away. They also have refreshing amenities like swimming pools and gyms that make healthy living easier. For families with young ones, condo communities offer 24/7 security, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind. These are just some reasons why a condo is a great investment.

If you’ve long been considering buying condos for sale in Davao, Dumaguete, Iloilo, Pasig, or just about anywhere else in the Philippines, the following are significant reasons to proceed with your investment.

A condo property is comparatively affordable

From a grand real estate perspective, condos are one of the more affordable investments you can make. Granted there are still houses and lots that may be on the market for less, chances are these properties are situated in not-yet-well-developed locations that won’t be seeing rapid growth any time soon.

However, when choosing to buy a condo for sale in Iloilo, Davao, and other similar areas, you will be the owner of a real estate investment that is in a widely recognized locale with all the urban conveniences and necessities you would need for complete modern living. In addition, these locations have yet to peak in terms of growth and development, meaning your condo’s value has as much room to grow as the city it is in.

A condo is easy to maintain

Another advantage of owning a condo over traditional houses and lots is that they are easier to maintain. Modest in floor area compared to most houses, condos have less space to clean regularly. In addition, the common areas are shared with other residents, and their maintenance and upkeep are supervised by an expert property management team.

This is particularly advantageous if you are busy making a living that you have little time left for the upkeep of your home or if you live alone and like maintaining a small place. With this, you would not have to visit your unit as frequently as you would a rental house and lot because it is smaller and protected with the community’s 24/7 security.

You can live in it

“I will forever believe that buying a home is a great investment. Why? Because you can’t live in a stock certificate. You can’t live in a mutual fund,” Oprah Winfrey once said. But a real estate property? You can live in it and nurture a loving, healthy family too.

A condo is a delightful and cozy space you and your family can call home, especially in the new normal, where your essentials should be just within your reach to avoid more movement outside the home and getting sick. Supermarkets, grocery stores, healthcare facilities, and parks, among many others, are easy to access. Condo communities also have their own amenities such as multi-purpose clubhouse, swimming pool, pool deck, courtyards, fitness gym, music room, playground, and basketball half-court, making it even easier to enjoy sheltering at home.

Rent it out

If condo living isn’t your family’s cup of tea, you can also choose to earn passive income from your unit by renting it out. A condo in a new development, backed by a reputable property developer like Filinvest, is often an attractive rental thanks to its central location and amenities. How you lease your condo can also vary depending on how often you’d like it occupied.

You can take on long-term tenants, that gives you income more consistently, or lease it as a vacation home to occasional visitors so that the living space is not worn out too quickly. Either way, you’ll be earning additional income on top of what you earn from the property appreciation through time.

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