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  1. This promo is available to buyers of ready-for-occupancy (RFO) condominium and house & lot units of Filinvest.
  2. The promo period is from November 1 until December 31, 2020. Any application submitted for booking and booked within the promo period will be covered by the promo. Those submitted after the promo period will no longer be able to avail of the promo.
  3. The account shall be booked upon completion of full payment of reservation fee, a copy of government-issued ID, fully-accomplished purchase application form (PAF), and a signed copy of the promo flyer in conformity to its terms and conditions.
  4. The promo is offered to local sales availing the 10/90 Bank Financing where 10% down payment is payable over an extended period at 0% interest, and the remaining balance of 90% will be financed through Filinvest’s accredited banks. The schedule of down payment is as follows:
    Promo A Promo B Promo C Promo D Promo E Promo F
    30 months extended DP + 5% TLP Discount 30 months extended DP + 5% Unit TLP Discount + 30% Garden Lot TLP Discount 24 months extended DP + 5% TLP Discount 24 months extended DP 18 months extended DP 12 months extended DP

  5. Buyer shall proceed with early move-in upon payment of 2.5% of the total contract price (TCP), provided that the buyer meets and agrees to the conditions for early move-in, including, but not limited to:
    • Submission of Letter of Guaranty (LOG) from bank covering 90% TCP (if loanable amount approved by bank is less than 90% TCP, buyer must pay for the difference) on the following schedule:
      • 6th- month down payment for accounts with a 12-month DP period
      • 13th - month down payment for accounts with an 18-month DP period
      • 19th - month down payment for accounts with a 24-month DP period
      • 25th - month down payment for accounts with a 30-month DP period
    • Submission of complete requirements, signed documents, turnover fees, and other necessary documents that may be required upon move-in
    • Updated payments at point of qualification
    • Postdated checks to cover remaining down payment months and
    • Buyer agrees to pay maintenance fees and/or condo dues and other necessary assessments required when the unit is turned over or deemed accepted through submission of postdated checks (covering 12 months). An acknowledgement receipt from the projects building manager or subdivision administrator for the submission of these PDCs will be required as part of the complete requirements.
  6. A buyer who avails of the cash and deferred cash financing scheme can also opt for early move-in provided they meet the conditions stated above. Buyer who avails the said cash and deferred cash financing scheme and purchases unit under Promo A, B, and C will also be entitled to the 5% TLP discount and for Promo B a 30% Garden Lot TLP Discount. This is on top of the regular discount on cash payments.
  7. Bank fees and turnover fees (if necessary) will be included in the computation of the purchased unit’s Total Contract Price. However, buyer shall pay the full balance of the turnover fees upon early move-in.
  8. As a standard policy, buyer has to satisfy the requirements for bank approval; failure to submit LOG in case of disapproval of buyer’s loan application can cause automatic cancellation of the account without recourse to Filinvest Land, Inc.; in which case, cancellations may commence on the following schedule:
    • 3rd down payment if term is 12 months or less
    • 4th down payment if term is 18 months
    • 6th down payment if term is 24 months
    • 7th down payment if term is 30 months.
  9. In case of account cancellation while still in the down payment stage, the buyer can voluntarily vacate the unit. Failure to do so will entail the commencement of eviction procedures, including the rights to the developer/HOA to enter and remove personal property.
  10. Deemed acceptance of the unit shall be subject to corporate policy, as stated in the notification for move-in and turnover sent to the buyer upon qualification.
  11. The purchased unit under the promo will not be allowed to be rented out until the account is fully paid. The account of any buyer who will breach this condition will automatically be cancelled. FLI will be conducting inspections, and the project’s building manager or subdivision administrator will be provided with a list of the qualified units that will not be allowed to be leased out.
  12. The buyer should continue to pay for his monthly down payment and should satisfy bank’s requirements to ensure buyer’s loan proceeds are released by bank and credited to Filinvest Land, Inc. for the account of the buyer; and to avoid eviction from the unit and cancellation or forfeiture of his purchase.
  13. Parking units bought separately from the main residential unit are excluded from the promos. Only parking units that are bought together with the residential units are included, but only entitled to the same extended down payment terms as the purchased unit.
  14. Buyer grants Filinvest the right to publish their names, photographs, and other items related to the promo in its publicity materials without prior notice, written consent and further compensation.
  15. Requests on transfer of property and/or rights, unit upgrade or downgrade, or change in financing scheme will not be allowed and will mean exclusion of the account from the promo.
  16. The decision of Filinvest on any issue related to this promo will be deemed final.
  17. This promo may not be used in conjunction with other Filinvest promos.
Brand Project Promo A Promo B Promo C Promo D Promo E Promo F
Futura 8 Spatial Davao B3 Davao          
Futura Centro Spatial Davao Bldg. A Davao          
Futura Meridian Place Cavite        
Futura One Spatial Iloilo B1 Iloilo          
Futura One Spatial Iloilo B2 Iloilo          
Futura Pineview Cavite          
Futura Sandia Homes Batangas          
Futura Tierra Vista Bulacan          
Futura Valle Dulce Ph1 Laguna        
Futura Woodville Cavite        
* Please check available units and the applicable scheme with your seller.
1 Move-In upon standard move-in terms
2 Amalfi 3BR units are for 30-mos Extended DP only, no discount

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