If you're thinking about visiting Dumaguete City and want to know where to go, this is your guide. First, let's look at some basic information about the city:

Dumaguete is located on the island of Negros in the Philippines and has a population of over 180,000 people. The city is filled with friendly locals who love sharing their culture with travelers from around the world. After all, it’s dubbed ‘The City of Gentle People.’

These are just some basic facts about Dumaguete. Now, let's get into more specifics about what there is to see. Here are some of the best places to visit in Dumaguete City.

Silliman University

Founded in 1901, Silliman University is not only the oldest university in Dumaguete but also one of the oldest in the country. It houses the Anthropology Museum which can be visited by locals and tourists. It also plays host to a zoo, home to a varied collection of rare and endangered Philippine native animals.

As a private research university, it also has a marine laboratory that has breeding programs for giant clams, crocodiles, and seaweed. Here’s where you can also see the second largest whale bone collection in the world.

Casaroro Falls

Another tourist spot is Casaroro Falls in Valencia. The falls strike 30 meters down to a basin that flows along a stream. With verdant surroundings and huge boulders to match, the majestic falls makes for a postcard-perfect destination spot.  

Twin Lakes: Balinsasayao and Danao

Balinsasayao and Danao are twin lakes located along the highway, on the way to Valencia. These bodies of water are known for their natural beauty and charm. They are both freshwater lakes, with Balinsasayao being the bigger of the two. The lake gets its water from a river that runs down from nearby Mt. Talinis, which is also said to be home to spirits who haunt those who enter their territory unlawfully.

Danao Lake is fed by this same river, as well as springs within its own borders, giving it an advantage over its sister lake when it comes to depth (upwards of nine meters). Both lakes house fish populations that thrive near healthy aquatic vegetation like grasses and algae. These provide food for birds such as egrets that live there year-round or visit during migratory seasons.

Lake Balanan

Lake Balanan is a freshwater lake located in the heart of Dumaguete City. This lake is popular among locals and tourists who come here to enjoy nature and take advantage of its many recreational activities. Lake Balanan also has an island cottage in the middle that can be reached by boat. On this, there are picnic tables where you can have lunch or enjoy snacks with your friends, family members, or loved ones.

There are several fishing areas around the lake, too, populated by tilapia, catfish, and mudfish. You can use rod fishing techniques if you’re an experienced fisherman. But if you’re just starting out, it would be best to use bait like bread crumbs or worms because these will attract more fish than just using a hook alone.

Lake Balanan also offers opportunities for swimming since there are shallow parts around its perimeter that anyone can wade into.

Mt. Talinis

Mt. Talinis is a great place for hiking, camping, picnicking, and rock climbing. It also makes a great venue for bird watching since it has numerous species of flora and fauna.

The mountain rises to 1,000 meters above sea level and can be reached from Dumaguete City in less than an hour by taking specific jeepney routes.

Rizal Boulevard

Rizal Boulevard, also known as Rizal Avenue or simply "Rizal," is a major thoroughfare in Dumaguete. It is lined with restaurants and shops, making it one of the most popular spots for people to hang out.

From Rizal Boulevard, you can see the whole city life: from the towering stone walls to the port where boats are moored; from old Spanish-era buildings (now repurposed as offices) to modern malls and hotels.

Manjuyod Sandbar

Located in the municipality of Manjuyod, the Manjuyod Sandbar is a popular destination for tourists looking to relax and enjoy the scenery.  

The sandbar is also a great place to watch the sunset and enjoy dolphin watching.

Dauin Beach Diving Spots

Dauin is a beach town in Negros Oriental, Philippines, popular for its diving spots and sandbar.

If you want to dive in Dauin, it’s best to talk to locals about where you can find the right boatman who knows where these spots are located. This site is popular with experienced divers because of its beautiful coral formations and the wide variety of marine life.


The Belfry is a Catholic church located near Quezon Park, the city hall, the city center, and the fruit market. The original belfry was destroyed during World War II but was rebuilt. The current structure has been through several renovations and constructions since then.

Malatapay Market

Malatapay Market is a popular place to buy souvenirs, dried fish, handmade crafts, and native fruits and vegetables.

The market is located at the heart of Dumaguete City. It has been here for more than 50 years now but it remains one of the most popular markets in town. The market sells different kinds of souvenirs and handmade goods such as t-shirts, hats, bags, and other things that you can use as a memento while on vacation.

Visit Dumaguete City now!

The capital city of Negros Oriental, Dumaguete City is known for its natural attractions and cultural heritage. There is a lot to see and do here as a hotbed of culture and history with many interesting places to explore.

If you’re looking for some adventure, wondering where to go to Dumaguete city, or just want to escape the hustle of busy life, then this might be the perfect place for you.

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