What are the condo etiquettes you should practice?

1.    Be Responsible in Common Areas
2.    Keep Your Area Clean
3.    Be Considerate About Noise
4.    Guide Your Children 
5.    Foster Good Relationships With Neighbors

When you finally move in to a condo for sale in Iloilo specifically One Spatial Iloilo from Futura by Filinvest, it’s a must to practice proper etiquette. Proper etiquette can help you settle down and meet new people faster. This should already be a common practice, but living in a condo is entirely different from living in a detached home. Here’s how you can be a responsible condo owner with proper condo living etiquette.

Be Responsible in Common Areas

You need to understand that living in a condo means that you’re sharing the same space with a lot of people. Everything inside your walls and door is yours, but once you step outside, you share it with other residents. This includes all amenities and facilities. When you’re using these common areas, practice proper etiquette. This means that you need to keep your noise levels down and keep the area tidy. 

If you’re using a common area table, make sure to clean up afterward and rearrange the chairs. There may be building custodians present, but practicing this shows that you respect your surroundings. If your condo has a gym, make sure that you treat the equipment with care and that you keep it tidy after use. Your stairways, lobby, and hallway is also a common area. Be responsible whenever you’re in these areas. 

Keep Your Area Clean

Cleanliness can go a long way. When you step outside your unit, try your best to keep everything clean. Keep your surroundings as tidy as possible. 

When it comes to waste management, don’t let your trash linger. You’ll be doing your neighbors a favor. When your trash is properly managed, you can avoid any unwanted odor from permeating around the area. 

Follow your trash collection schedule and use the right trash bins when managing your waste. This can seem tedious at first but it helps the community around you. It’s everyone’s responsibility to manage their waste and you should be able to do the same. 

Be Considerate About Noise

Noise management is a huge responsibility for condo owners. Always consider that there’s a strong possibility that your neighbors can hear the sounds coming from within your unit. 

Loud sounds like music, television, and people can be chaotic when in excess. On the flipside, noise from elevators and halls can be heard inside units as well. Be responsible and keep your noise levels low. 

Your neighbors are going to appreciate it when you keep your noise levels at a minimum. You can opt to check with your neighbors if they’re bothered. This depends on the people around you as not all people are the same. But a good general rule to follow is to keep everything low.

Guide Your Children

If you have children, it’s best to teach them proper condo etiquette as well. Kids may behave in ways that other neighbors don’t enjoy. They can make too much noise and disturb other unit owners. It’s not on purpose, as children don’t know how to behave properly at times. 

You can begin fostering good etiquette by setting a good example. Children often imitate adults and if they watch someone, be responsible. They’re going to learn from them.

When your children are too loud, discipline them accordingly. No need to raise your voice to add to the noise. Calmly explain to them why they have to keep the noise down. Proper guidance can go a long way, especially if you do it right. 

Besides managing your child’s noise levels, you can also help foster good habits by showing them the right way to deal with trash and messes. Enriching good behavior like this can help guide your children towards better etiquette in and out of your condo unit. 

Foster Good Relationships With Neighbors

When establishing good relations with your neighbors, always remember to be sensitive. Living near each other helps you become closer to other people. 

When living in such proximity, remember that everyone around you is different. Avoid being pushy or aggressive. Some neighbors might take this as a negative. When dealing with this, let things happen and flow naturally. It’s not good to force friendships with people. 

Key Takeaway

Responsible condo etiquette can help you out in the future. Practicing these good habits daily shows that you’re responsible and courteous. Good condo etiquette isn’t limited to what’s listed above. By generally showing good and responsible behavior, you can make your new life at your condo for sale in Iloilo much easier. 

One Spatial Iloilo from Futura by Filinvest has facilities and amenities that you can use to build relationships with other neighbors. Be responsible when using these and remember the tips mentioned above.