Why should you buy a condo for sale in Iloilo?
1.  A growing central business district
2.  Active local tourism
3.  Accessible Transporation
4.  Friendly and Open Community With One Spatial Iloilo

There are plenty of reasons why a condo for sale in Iloilo is a sound choice. Currently, there are still many people who are having doubts about choosing the condo life over traditional homeownership. At first glance, condos seem like an expensive investment. But if you’re an individual who prefers urban living, condos are the best option for you. If you want to be within walking distance of your favorite shops and establishments, condo living will give you that advantage. 

If you’re choosing a condo in Iloilo, you’ll find that they’re generally more affordable compared to house and lots. Right off the bat, you don’t have to set up and install your essential utilities such as electricity and water — your condo developer will have that ready for you. Another advantage of condos are the amenities already available to residents. Condos tend to attract people with a great need for convenience. Professionals with busy lives prefer the accessibility and low maintenance features a condo provides. 

Above were the advantages of living in a condo. But what about living in Iloilo itself? Iloilo is known as the “City of Love” and has been slowly growing into one of the Visayas’ premiere hubs. It’s a city full of opportunities, especially for new families. Immerse yourself, into the rich culture, great people, decadent cuisine, and a healthy environment in Iloilo. If you’re not convinced yet, let’s explore the reasons why buying a condo in Iloilo is better than a house. 

A Growing Central Business District

Iloilo is one of the fastest growing central business districts today. With the help of the Iloilo business park, more residents are given the chance to get better opportunities for both business and employment. 

The business park features its own boutique hotel and commercial district. You’re in luck as multinational companies are looking to invest and secure the park for more business ventures. The total land area of the Iloilo Business Park is around 9.2 hectares, which can secure future developments. The land is currently being occupied by various businesses ensuring that you can get the right employment and business opportunity for a higher quality of life. 

Active Local Tourism

Iloilo is the destination in Western Visayas to visit for the most eco-friendly and historically diverse tourist spots. Living in a condo in Iloilo allows you to easily access various churches, food establishments, and world-class resorts for the perfect weekend getaway. 

Foodies can enjoy Iloilo’s unique La Paz Batchoy. Various ingredients for this delicious bowl of noodles originated in the La Paz district. This dish has been adopted by various restaurants, but nothing will beat the original taste of La Paz Batchoy made in Iloilo. 

Iloilo also preserved the impressive structure and architecture of the Commonwealth era. You’ll immediately get a sense of how life was back then. History lovers and photographers will love the preserved structures that can complete any local tour. You can easily take public transportation or drive to these sites on your day off. 

Beach lovers will never get tired of Iloilo’s pristine shores. If you love hanging around the sun, sand, and sea, then Iloilo is for you. The city can give you access to the beauty of Islas de Gigantes which has everything from white sand beaches and clear lagoons.

In Iloilo, you don’t have to travel far to bask in the excellence of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Miagao church is one of the ornately decorated historical World Heritage Sites you can check out. The church was built with strength in mind to protect against Moro invaders. The impressive structure was completed in 1797. Even with the damage from natural disasters, various restorations made sure that Miagao church stands strong even today. 

Accessible Transportation

Getting in and around Iloilo is easy. The traffic in Iloilo is more manageable than the traffic in Metro Manila because of the various effective transportation hubs and smaller population. Getting to work in Iloilo is made easier because of the ease in traffic. Spending less time in transit can give you more time to do things you love. Let yourself experience convenience in traveling and commuting in Iloilo.

Friendly and Open Community With One Spatial

One Spatial Iloilo is a mid-rise condo located in Barangay Tabucan, Mandurriao, Iloilo. If you’re a new family searching for a great community and a fresh environment, Iloilo is the perfect place for you. One Spatial is strategically located near important facilities such as schools, emergency facilities, commercial establishments, and churches. A large capacity clubhouse is exclusively available for use by occupants. As a resident of One Spatial Iloilo, you can also enjoy the pool and jogging paths to support your active lifestyle.

Key Takeaway

Getting a condo for sale in Iloilo is the optimal choice for any new family or for people on a budget. Not only will you save money by choosing a condo, but you’ll also be able to save money for other important utilities. There are so many growth opportunities in Iloilo for the whole family, you definitely don’t want to miss out. Choose a condo today and discover the difference it can make.