The center of one of the three largest metropolitan areas in the Philippines, the City of Davao is expectedly also one of the Philippines’ most urbanized. Similar to its counterparts Cebu City and Manila, it functions as the key commercial, industrial, and educational district of its region. 

It is also one of the most highly desired in terms of investing in real estate and residing overall, and as the most urbanized locale in Mindanao, condos for sale in Davao are among the most available home options. 

Plenty More to the “Chocolate and Durian Capital of the Philippines”

Having officially garnered cityhood in 1936, Davao City is the main component of Metro Davao, the third-largest most populous metropolitan area in the country. As its center, the city serves as the main hub for the region’s commercial, industrial, and educational activity.

Agriculture remains its top sector. Plantations, like those for coffee, pineapple, banana, and coconut, dominate its local economy, although Davao City continues to be most known for its production of chocolate and durian. However, there is more than this to consider when buying a home in the city.

The Department of Trade and Industry’s 2020 Cities and Municipalities Competitive Index ranked Davao City second out of 33 highly urbanized cities. The factors which accounted for its high ranking include infrastructure, resiliency, government efficiency, and economic dynamism. It was also ranked first in presence of business and professional organizations and productivity, as well as second in local economic structure and increase in employment. Similarly, Davao City also ranked first in road network health.

While on-par with its contemporaries Manila and Cebu, what has helped differentiate Davao City from other major urban locales is that it also has a wealth of outdoor destinations and landmarks. One of its most recognizable landmarks happens to be Mount Apo, the highest mountain in the county. Its vast land area has also allowed it to be the home of parks and resorts like the Philippine Eagle Foundation and Nature Center, Mount Apo, Gap Farming Resort, the Davao Crocodile Park, Malagos Garden Resort, Eden Nature Park, and People's Park in the city center which is popular for its sculptures of indigenous people and dancing fountain. 

Davao City is readily accessible by almost all types of transportation. Whether it be air, sea, or land, it boasts of a robust transport system that makes it easy to get to and from for both tourists and residents alike. The Philippine–Japan Friendship Highway that runs through the city connects to major seaports in the country, and Francisco Bangoy International Airport in Davao also serves as a leading airport in Mindanao. 

Find your new condo in Davao

Buy a Condo in Davao City

As the Philippines’ “big city” among its biggest cities, Davao City is an ideal place to invest in a condominium for sale. Condos make for the ideal urban residence, as most are centrally located or at least easily accessible given the common placement of mid and high-rises along major thoroughfares.

In addition to relatively good accessibility, the host of amenities that most modern condos have made them a great place to escape from the hustle and bustle of cities like Davao while not necessarily having to leave the metropolis. 

Of course, there’s a saying that “no two properties are the same,” and this certainly applies to condominium developments in Davao or anywhere else. While some are just a collection of units that serve as an address, other communities like those built by Futura by Filinvest redefine affordable condos for sale in Davao. 

Davao condo for sale

8 Spatial Davao

For young professionals and couples at the start of building a new family, there is 8 Spatial Davao by Futura, a mid-rise condo that is strategically located near amenities, local attractions, and most necessities.

Key places easy to get to and from the community include the Alexian Brothers Health and Wellness Center and Davao Doctors Hospital Oncology Center, S&R Membership Shopping and SM City Ecoland Davao, and the Mindanao AUV Public Transport Terminal and San Pablo Parish, to name a few.

Featuring studio and 1- and 2-bedroom units with fresh, modern designs, the quality of life in 8 Spatial Davao is raised another notch thanks to a host of amenities that include a clubhouse, swimming pool, basketball court, play lots, lawns, and courtyards.

Centro Spacial Davao Condo

Centro Spatial Davao

At the Barangay 39-D, Bolton Extension area of Davao City, on the other hand, is Centro Spatial Davao, another mid-rise community by Futura. Featuring studio and two-bedroom units, Centro Spatial Davao is the ideal place to live for current or future Davaoenos who are always on the go. 

Landmarks within walking distance to the community include the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Davao City Hall, Ateneo De Davao, and the San Pedro Cathedral. Then, those with active lifestyles don’t have to go far, as Centro Spatial’s amenities include a swimming pool, basketball court, and fitness gym.

Composed of five 8-story buildings that occupy 1.7 hectares of prime space, Centro Spatial is designed to feel like it’s a far-away escape from the city, despite being located in one of the biggest in the country.

In many ways, Davao City is the perfect alternative for those who’d like to live in a place that is a little more relaxed compared to the cities of Metro Manila and those who’d like to live in a more urban place but would like other options outside the aforementioned big cities.

The city combines all the best characteristics of the highly developed locales in the country and combines this with the easier-going pace of the province. With a comparatively lower cost of living and excellent local structure, Davao City is indeed a great choice in terms of places to live and ownership of a home like a condo.

To learn more about home options that provide great value-for-money in the city, visit Futura by Filinvest today.