Where are perfect destinations in Iloilo for the weekend?
1.    Cabugao Gamay Island
2.    Bantigue Island
3.    Agho Island
4.    Sicogon Island

Enjoying a weekend in Iloilo is easy. Living in a condo for sale in Iloilo like One Spatial Iloilo from Futura by Filinvest lets you access and enjoy these amazing destinations. Iloilo has many hidden gems and destinations that the whole family can enjoy. These four unique getaways in Iloilo can complete your vacation and weekend. These islands are the pride of Western Visayas. For people who are looking to rest and relax, check out these destinations that are perfect for the whole family.

Cabugao Gamay Island

Cabugao Gamay Island is located two kilometers from the coast of Isla de Gigantes. The island consists of rocky hills covered by lush and thick flora. Watch out for its pristine white sandbar that crowns the northern tip of the island. The sea reflects the lush greens of the island, which gives the water a green, yet clear hue. Take a dip in Cabugao Gamay Island and cool off on hot summer days.

Relax and chill out in Cabugao for a nice, lazy morning. After that, you can take part in water sports, or grab a bite to eat, or relax at the spa. It’s truly a paradise where you can forget about your worries and just enjoy your surroundings. Let the fresh ocean air heal your senses and let the calm of the sea bring you to an upgraded level of serenity. 

Bantigue Island

There’s one word to describe Bantigue Island and that word is stunning. The island extends down to the sea and creates stunning creamy sand within the clear water. Float in the calm waters or check out the strong waves. This island is 1.5 kilometers away from Cabugao Gamay Island. It’s best to hang out in Bantigue Island during the low tide so you can take full advantage of the sandbar. There are also guides and boats to take you around the island. 

Agho Island

Agho Island is located northeast of the Conception town proper. It’s a privately owned island with a total area of eight-hectares. It boasts a white sandy beach area and a beautiful coral garden. The island also has a sandbar which shifts from left to right, depending on the direction of the wind and the exact season. Agho Island doesn’t include luxury accommodations, so campers and hikers will enjoy pitching a tent and cooking their meals over a fire for an overnight stay. If you’re worried about electricity, Malangabang Island is accessible by foot from Agho. 

Head over to the back of Agho Island if you want a stunning view of the sea and the various rock formations and cliffs. It’s a nice part of the island to visit but be warned that the strong currents make it dangerous for swimming. Don’t miss out on the beautiful sunset on Agho Island when you’re visiting this area. 

Besides camping, you can go snorkeling by the coral gardens. Be careful when swimming around the corals so they can maintain their bright colors and continue to house the many fish and sea creatures in the area. 

Sicogon Island

Sicogon Island is a popular tourist destination complete with pristine sandy beaches, lush forests, and crystalline waters. There are many resorts to choose from on this island. The resorts in Sicogon aim for an environmentally sustainable practice and master planned developments. Buaya Beach is the best spot for swimming. It also has spaces for campers and day-trippers. Go visit the widest shoreline for the finest sand beaches, but be wary when exploring further. The sand might get a bit rough and course. 

Tamaquin Island can be found just off the coast of Buaya Beach. You can take a boat there when the tides are high, but when the tides are low, you can simply walk towards it. Tamaquin Island is an excellent diving and snorkeling spot. The waters between Sicogon and Tamaquin have a beautiful blend of green, blue, and navy tones. It’s reminiscent of a colorful watercolor painting of the sea. 

Sicogon Island is also home to Mount Opao. The mountain dominates the surrounding area of Sicogon with the summit encrusted with bare rocks. The lower part of the mountain is covered with lush flora and rich fauna. You can reach the summit of Mount Opao by a 1-2 hour hike. There are local guides that can accompany you to the summit if you’re ready for the hike.

Key Takeaway

These beautiful islands in Iloilo are the western Visayas region’s best-kept secrets. Unlock these secrets with your condo for sale in Iloilo. One Spatial Iloilo from Futura by Filinvest can bring you closer to these islands for a perfect weekend getaway. Having a good weekend can instantly refresh your mind and have you ready to tackle any task when you come back from work. If you’re looking for a rejuvenating island hopping experience or just a simple day on the beach, you should definitely take a look at these destinations.