What big ideas can you incorporate into your condo in Davao?

  1. White walls
  2. Large rug
  3. Hang your drapes as high as possible
  4. Don’t be afraid to play with scale
  5. Natural light is key

If you’re planning to purchase a condo in Davao with the concept of living in a small space in mind, then we’ve got the perfect ideas that you could use in order to maximize your dynamic living space. 

Davao is one of the perfect places to settle within the country. This is why the idea of optimizing your living space comes with choosing the right area to live in. If you’re planning to live in a condo in Davao, here are some tips to maximize your living space:

White Walls

When making the most out of dynamic living spaces, it’s best to manipulate depth perception and turn to the art of illusion. Many of us don’t want to feel as if we’re living in a place where the walls are constantly closing down on us. Many condos in Davao and house and lots for sale in the area offer dynamic living spaces with varying room sizes. 

For those who follow the trend of living in small spaces and wanting to maximize everything, we suggest painting your walls white. You could even expand to painting your floor white as well. Why white walls? Painting your walls white helps brighten up every corner of your living space. For dynamic homes, having white walls shifts your eye’s focus on the things in your room rather than noticing your walls. This eliminates the feeling of living in a tight space.

Large Rug

One amazing trick to make your living space look bigger is to place one large rug in the center. You can use one big rug that’s within 12 inches of your walls or one that ends just inches before your furniture. When living in a dynamic space, the tendency of many is to make use of several small rugs. You should avoid this in order to refrain from making your living space look cluttered.

Large rugs make your living space look bigger due to the fact that it doesn’t visually break up the floor. You can even use your rug as a basis for your living space’s theme. Another trick that helps compliment a large rug is to place an L sofa right at the corner in order to maximize space.

Hang Your Drapes as High as Possible

If you’ve made the most out of your floor’s space (and everything else horizontal-wise), don’t fret. You can still squeeze out more mileage in your dynamic living space by working on the vertical aspect instead. 

One way to do this is to make use of the right curtains. When it comes to maximizing your curtains, it’s not all about getting the best design or how fancy it looks, but how you place them.

Purchase long and tall drapes and curtains and hang them as high as possible. You can place the drapery rod around 2 inches below the ceiling and extend it to 4 inches more than the width of the windows on both sides. That way, you can create the illusion of increased headroom and at the same time, allowing more natural light to creep inside your home. 

Don’t be Afraid to Play With Scale

When buying furniture and ornaments for your home, don’t be afraid to make use of large scale pieces. It’s actually better for smaller homes to make use of larger furniture. Using lots of smaller ornaments and furniture will make your space look cluttered while not making use of them at all will make your space look empty as there will be too much underutilized space.

The key to making the most out of your living space and making it feel bigger is to purchase a few large pieces of furniture and other pieces. These make great focal points in certain areas of your living space. The spotlight effect of a good furniture piece is what we’re after when making the most out of your dynamic living space.

Natural Light is Key

Futura by Filinvest condos in Davao such as the 8 Spatial and Centro Spatial are known for an abundance of natural light. Use it to your advantage and don’t block it out with dark curtains. Natural light will help brighten up your living space. This will then give the impression of a larger area. Drawing natural light into your living space encourages you and your guests to take a look outside and appreciate the scenery. The key here is to let as much light and air enter your home. This can be easily complemented with light walls, curtains, and furniture.

Key Takeaway

Since the dawn of the ongoing trend of living in small spaces, dozens of techniques have come up in order to maximize even the smallest of homes. There are plenty of houses and lots for sale in Davao or condos around the beautiful city where you can apply these techniques. Nowadays, many people would want to live in a smaller home for convenience and ease of accessibility. Just follow these big ideas for small homes, and you’ll be all set on your journey to maximizing your space!

Maximizing your space allows you to do big things in small areas, especially when you’re living in the heart of Davao. Futura by Filinvest’s Centro Spatial is an upcoming medium-rise condominium with landscaped open spaces and amenities that maximize space. Choose Futura by Filinvest and be a part of a community in the heart of one of the country’s biggest cities in Mindanao!