What kind of Chinese New Year decor can you use?
1.    New Year Couplets
2.    Oranges and Tangerines
3.    Red Paper Cuttings
4.    Red Lanterns
5.    Paintings

The Chinese New Year is a huge part of Filipino culture due to the many years of interaction with our northern neighbors and locals who trace their roots from there, colloquially known as Chinoys. It's a joyous and meaningful celebration that aims to increase luck and prosperity for all. 

To exude a festive mood, you can apply these home decor to your Laguna house and lot accordingly. Your home in Valle Dulce or Punta Altezza from Futura by Filinvest is an amazing blank canvas to get started with. Evoke luck and prosperity with these home decor ideas this Chinese New Year!

New Year Couplets

Good wishes are what most people want for the New Year and what better way to represent this by using New Year Couplets. These are pasted on doors where good wishes and positive statements are expressed for all to see. Wishes are usually posted in pairs. The even number of couplets are associated with good luck in Chinese culture. If you’re a fan of art and calligraphy, you’ll be happy to know that these couplets are made with Chinese brush works.

Oranges and Tangerines

Another Chinese tradition of the year makes use of tangerines and oranges. These fruits are believed to attract luck and fortune and are usually placed on the dinner table. The reason why they are popular for decor is because the Chinese character for tangerine is very similar to the character used for luck. The color is also representative of prosperity and is added to tons of Chinese New Year treats. It’s also a good idea to plant this in your front yard to attract luck all year. 

Paper cutting is an art and is also used as decor during the Chinese New Year. Cutting different designs out of red paper and gluing them on your window or walls can symbolize a lot of things. For example, peach cut-outs symbolize longevity. Pomegranate cut-outs symbolize fertility. For love, the mandarin duck patterns are the symbol to use. There are tons of animals and plants that represent a different wish. You can pick and choose which fits your home best and paste these cutouts on your windows for a prosperous Chinese New Year.

Red Lanterns

Red lanterns are simple decorations you can use to drive off bad luck. Hanging red lanterns in front of your door is said to drive off bad energy and luck. It's a lucky and popular decoration you can get from specialty shops or you can make them on your own. In fact, you can hang these lanterns anywhere to attract luck. If you have a tree at home, this can be a colorful addition that's guaranteed to bring good vibes to your property.


Chinese paintings represent wealth, prosperity and fortune. These paintings depict the traditional life of the country. There are tons of concepts to choose from such as heavenly creatures and depictions of beautiful women. The images you find in these paintings are aimed towards the family. Prosperity, health, and success are what you can attract when you use these paintings around your home.

Key Takeaway

Your Laguna house and lot will be ready for the Chinese New Year with these decorating tips.  Place these symbols of prosperity and luck to usher in the good energy into your abode for the rest of the year. Wishing for a new home? This time may be auspicious to look into Futura by Filinvest’s Punta Altezza and Valle Dulce.