The end of the school term is always an important milestone for the whole family, whether it’s a small moving-up ceremony or a full-fledged graduation rite. Celebrate your child’s achievements with these gift ideas to commemorate the occasion.

Dinner Party

Cap off the special day with a special night for your little one! Take the classic route with a good ol’ dinner out in your kid’s restaurant of choice, or DIY the experience by whipping up their favorite meals at home, or heading outdoors for a picnic under the stars. You can choose to have a small party with the immediate family, or amp up the fun by inviting friends, classmates, and other family members.

Gift Cards

These one-size-fits-all tokens are a great way to give your little ones their hearts’ desires! Gift cards are easy to pick up, and provide the perfect opportunity to teach kids about decision-making and financial planning. A gift card to their favorite online or physical store not only lets them choose the gift they’d like best, but it also introduces them to the concept of budgeting.

Book Set
With summer vacation coming up, it’s easy for kids to get lost in their gadgets and virtual worlds. Minimize your little ones’ screen times by engaging them in other activities and encouraging new hobbies, like reading. On their closing ceremony, consider gifting them with a book set of their favorite movie’s original novel, or interactive books they can fully immerse in. Develop a love for reading as early as possible, as this will certainly serve them well later in life.

Summer Holiday

After months inside the classroom (or office, in your case), your family deserves a refreshing breather in the great outdoors! Cool down at the beach, glamp out in the forest, hike up a mountain, or simply bike around your neighborhood. Refresh and recharge with a well-earned vacation getaway, and take advantage of the holidays to bond closer with your loved ones and teach your kids a practical skill or two like setting up camp and cleaning up after themselves.

Your little ones’ hard work deserves to be recognized and rewarded, and moving-up ceremonies are the perfect time to commend their efforts and celebrate their achievements. Treat them to a special dinner, let them shop for themselves with gift cards, encourage a new love for reading with book sets, or go on a summer holiday with the whole family.

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